A common trend with artist, musicians, models and performers is the fact that they rarely get to be off stage or out of the limelight because their fans demand or see them a certain way. 

I want to show the real you behind the charade. 

With Visage, you'll see the commercial tones and a non-judgmental outlook on your true self.

Even if you aren't a model, elevate your social media platforms not just with the photos from Visage but from learning how to adjust your posing to show yourself at your absolute best. 

With Xposure, be free to bare it all, your soul or your body.

Shoot anonymously for your followers and nobody will see your head, or be open about it let people know that this is you. Xposure also hopes to change the public's perception of adult entertainers. With a long term goal to alter the photography side of the industry. 

UNLESS THE PHOTOGRAPHY CALLS FOR IT, I do not heavily photoshop my photos. 

Most of my work is shot with natural or artificial source lighting, primarily outdoors, and minimal to non existent photoshop. 

Prior work is marked as Blue River Foto, Soleil Photographie, Rivers Edge, and Rio Azzurro Productions


About the photographer:

Tayler Grey is a genderfluid artist who learned photography as an art form in high school, and learned the finer points of portrait photography by learning from experienced photographers and through trial and error, and by making "accidental masterpieces" and by creating beauty out of flaws.