Visage Photography | About

A common trend with artists, musicians, models and performers is the challenge of being "off-stage."

Often times the demands of the profession place the value of the persona over the self.  Your beauty lies in your own unique story and Visage strives to reveal the essence of the person behind the public face. 

Unveiling the self 

Unveiling the identity 

Unveiling the humanity  

Unveiling the personality  

I shoot with customary tones combined with a non-judgmental outlook on your true self to achieve a postmodern perspective.

I will coach you in organic movement, sculpting each natural pose to reveal your absolute best.



Images are shot with natural or continuous source lighting, primarily outdoors, with minimal to no Photoshop. Visage strives to shoot all sets in Manual Mode without flash, except in a studio setting


Please note:  Do not be defined by ADHD, bipolar, schizophrenia, anxiety, body dysmorphia, epilepsy, eating disorder or mental illness. If you have a health issue: eczema, lupus, cancer etc... I want to reflect the beauty in the changing human experience.

Prior work is marked as Blue River Foto, Soleil Photographie, Rivers Edge.

Visage photography is an extension of Rio Azzurro Productions


About the photographer:

Taylor Grey is a gender non-binary artist based out of Albuquerque, NM who studied photography as an art form in school, and explored the finer points of portrait photography from experienced mentors. Taylor's signature style and talent has emerged through making "accidental masterpieces" and by creating beauty out of flaws.